Can Body Wraps Help You Lose Inches In Time for Special Event?

Celebrities and very well-heeled clientele have been going to spas for years just before a big event like a movie premiere to get a body wrap to shed inches and look noticeably thinner. But before you rush out to make an appointment at the salon, be warned: The average cost of getting a spa wrap is around $200. The price isn’t all that surprising when you consider that a spa tech must first soak the “wrap” (usually terry cloth strips) in the body wrap solution and then apply all over your naked body. Next, you have to let the terry cloth strips sit on your skin for about an hour before they must be removed. In all, plan on investing not only $200 but also 3-4 hours of time to get the wrap applied.

The good news is: Body wraps do help you shed inches in just one application-at least if you have them applied at the spa. Of course, the bad news is that there are a lot of home wraps on the market that promise the same inch-shedding results but are made from cheap or inferior ingredients-and so they just don’t work. But before we get into shopping tips, let’s take a look at why the high quality spa body wraps shed inches in such a short amount of time so we know what to look for when buying a home wrap.

High quality wraps are made from high quality, all-natural ingredients-period. This is because the ingredients perform two functions that help you shed inches, including:

1. Flush Toxins from Skin Cells: Toxins are any substance your body cannot recognize or absorb. Believe it or not, this includes just about everything you eat or drink because any additives, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients of any kind are considered toxins by the body but found in virtually everything we ingest. When we are younger, the body can quickly flush toxins but as we age, it cannot eliminate them as quickly and some end up getting stored as toxins in our fat cells. Because these toxins are stored next to fat cells that virtually “lock them in”, your body can never burn those fat cells until it first eliminates the toxins. One of the ways body wraps shed inches in such short time spans is by free up those trapped toxins so your body can finally burn those fat cells for energy-and eliminate fat dimples and cellulite in the process.

2. Temporarily Elevate Metabolism Rate: And for the best body wraps, the ingredients also help temporarily elevate metabolism rate so your body can burn more fat cells once the toxins are flushed. Typically, high quality wraps will continue to purge toxins and help burn fat deposits for up to 48 hours after application.

The “wrap” itself is only used to help your body absorb more of the ingredients by keeping them in constant contact with your skin and applying slight pressure. But in the end, it is the ingredients that ultimately determine the effectiveness of the wrap and how many (if any) inches you shed.

Concluding Thoughts

High end spa body wraps do help you shed inches by first purging stored toxins and then elevating metabolism rate to help your body burn off excess inches in your arms, legs, thighs, hips and buttocks. However, cheap wraps made from inferior or synthetic ingredients may make the problem worse because synthetic ingredients are often considered toxins by your body-so they might be exaggerating your problem instead of fixing it. Therefore, only buy body wraps made from herbal 100% organic ingredients-otherwise, you could be wasting both your time and money. But if made from herbal, 100% all-natural ingredients, home body wraps can and will help you lose inches in time for a graduation, vacation, or any special event!